Bedload transport at steep slopes

The following pages contain information about bedload transport in torrents and mountain rivers.

Results from laboratory experiments and numerical modelling are shown. A bedload transport model developed for torrents and mountain streams is presented

But first of all: what is bedload transport?

Below you can see a video of bedload transport flume experiments. The channel gradient is 5 % and the discharge is 30 l/s. The video shows bedloat transport close to transport capacity conditions. What you can see is that the particles are dragged by water and are transported rolling or jumping. You can observe a pulsing behaviour.


Video 1: Bedload transport in a laboratory flome at 5%, 30l/s and transport capacity.

To have a closer look whats happening inside the flume Video 2  is shown at slow motion (1/4 of natural speed)



Video 2: Bedload transport at slow motion (same video as above).